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Virus: What is mygener.im virus on facebook?

If you are a facebook user, please be aware that mygener.im virus is spreading quickly on facebook. From what I have seen online so far, it seems to redirect to a site which probably is stealing data from you computer and/or installing trojans. Initially it looks like this site allows to create generation tree and looks like a legit domain. This is being spread via messages to you from other friends of yours who are “infected”.

One of the things you can do to prevent getting “infected” is to not click on any links on facebook. Even if it comes from friends you trust.  It would also be a good idea to arm your self with the best virus protection software.  If you do click on a link, make sure you don’t enter any login/passwords  on any sites you end up on.

Here is an article on eHow which talks about avoiding the virus:  how to avoid mygener.im on facebook

EDIT:  some people have reported that destination url has changed at least once so you may end up on a site which looks like aother “legit” site.