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Blog or not to blog

After contemplating for year or so about whether I should blog or not, I have finally gave in and said why not?

I have been in the world of computers for over 13 years. Doing everything from typing “dir” to deploying enterprise solutions. The way I can describe myself is system admin, programmer, gamer, and noob all at the same time. Noob because I can never claim myself to be an expert in anything because I always find somebody who is smarter than I. Which is of the big reasons why I continuing working with computers is because there is always something new to learn.

As far as my career goes, my current working title is Senior Systems Engineer. I currently only work with Linux servers but I by no means only know Linux. I have always worked in mixed environments and my current job is the first job where I concentrate on working with Linux servers. Therefore, I will most probably be posting things mainly for Linux. One of the big reasons why I finally gave in to the whole blogging thing is because I want to put up all the cool stuff I have learned over years and all the new things I keep running into. I figured it might help somebody.. or better yet, I can come back in future and read my own notes to help myself 🙂

Ok… enough of talking about myself.