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Can I get your name?

So I go to my favorite coffee place, Starbucks, pretty much every day. I always get the same thing which recent has been: tall vanilla latte, %, no foam. And they always ask me for my name which I always respond by saying: Sunny. Most of the time, not all, they get my name wrong. I don’t understand why is it so hard for people to write down Sunny. I am ok even if they just write Sonny, which is the most common misspelling of my name, but Starbucks staff always find creative ways of spelling “Sunny”.

I have seen following names.. and I am not kidding or making up any of them. All the people who go with me to Starbucks know this! Here is the list I have so far: Sunny, Sonny, Suni, Sunee, Suuniee, Suney, Suny and the one I have in front of me which made me blog this, Sunni.

So if any Starbucks staff reading this, could you explain to me how come you guys are so bad with spelling names? Is quality of hiring staff is so low that people there can’t even spell a very common word!? or is it because I don’t look like Sunny but I look like everything else I have been labeled? So next time when they ask me for my name, maybe I should just say Sunny, like “Its Sunny outside”? Or maybe not; because even when I did that, I think I got Sunie out of it.

I will update here with dates/names as they come along.

1/11/2007: Soni

Blog or not to blog

After contemplating for year or so about whether I should blog or not, I have finally gave in and said why not?

I have been in the world of computers for over 13 years. Doing everything from typing “dir” to deploying enterprise solutions. The way I can describe myself is system admin, programmer, gamer, and noob all at the same time. Noob because I can never claim myself to be an expert in anything because I always find somebody who is smarter than I. Which is of the big reasons why I continuing working with computers is because there is always something new to learn.

As far as my career goes, my current working title is Senior Systems Engineer. I currently only work with Linux servers but I by no means only know Linux. I have always worked in mixed environments and my current job is the first job where I concentrate on working with Linux servers. Therefore, I will most probably be posting things mainly for Linux. One of the big reasons why I finally gave in to the whole blogging thing is because I want to put up all the cool stuff I have learned over years and all the new things I keep running into. I figured it might help somebody.. or better yet, I can come back in future and read my own notes to help myself 🙂

Ok… enough of talking about myself.