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Green America: Things you can do to make world more green and in the proccess save money

There are many things we can do on daily basis which can make our lives better and make future better for our kids and ourselves. Most of these things are overlooked or not stressed enough. Lets start with cheap way to save some money and make world a better place.

  1. Replace all the bulbs in your house with energy savings one. Energy savings bulbs will save you upto 70% in utility bills and at the same time help out to make world greener by using less electricity.
  2. Unplug appliances which are not in use. Even some of the chargers like your laptop charger, consumes some energy while plugged in to outlet even when there is nothing is plugged in the other side. That home entertainment system or just a cable box you have sitting around, consumes energy. All this could add upto significant $$’s. One of the products worth looking at: Smart Strip Power Strip
  3. If you can afford to and have a house, put solar panels on your roof. Even though this is sort of an expensive way to go but in long (or short, depends on costs etc.) run it can save you money an maybe even make you some money. You can also depreciate this investment just like any other investments. Talk to your tax adviser for more details on tax credits. You can read more details about return on your investment at:
  4. Windmills. Yeah..not the coolest thing around but if you are living in an area with lots of yard space and do qualify to put windmills there, its worth looking into.
  5. Buy hybrids! Not only that you get some tax credit for buying hybrids, you can also pay A LOT less on gas stations. Of course there are many more alternatives then hybrids. You can also buy electric cars, cars which run on ethanol ( and cars which are powered by solar energy. Hybrid seems to be more mainstream choice even though for short commutes electric cars make more sense. One of the car I know of is Tesla Roadster which by no means is a cheap car! It could cost you are $100k to buy this puppy but before you say anything, check out the specs. You also have to wait until next year to get it so maybe that is too much a turn off and you rather have one of the many available hybrids.
  6. Use less paper! Opt in for online statements. This alone will save a lot paper and in turn will protect the trees! Other places you can cut back would be at your work. Ask for your paystubs electronically instead of paper. You really don’t need a piece of paper to see how much you made. But if you really want to, just log in to the website and look. File your taxes via computer using e-file. All these are little things which does not make our life harder but helps with making sure we are not destroying our nature!
  7. Use recycled material! Promote recycling. Ask for recycling at your work, your apartment, church, where ever you can!
  8. Paper or plastic? ALWAYS pick paper. Plastic bags are VERY hard to recycle.
  9. If you live close to stores, work or any other destinations, walk there instead of driving. You save on some pollution and at the same time its good for you to go for walk.
  10. Make your home energy efficient. There are many ways to make this happen. Of course you are already doing #1 by now, right? Other ways would be to buy appliances which qualify. Install windows which insulate your house better. Put insulation in the outside walls. All these will make it so you don’t use all that electricity you are producing by following #3. Which in turn means you are pumping electricity back in the power grid and making some money from doing it!

This list is very brief but should be enough to get you started and thinking about things you can do to make this world a better place to live! Please feel free to add comments with your own suggestions, comments, etc.
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