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Oven which can do things for you if you send it email or call it!

I was browsing the web today and stumbled upon this. This oven line is great! but come to think of it, how many people can afford to buy this $7k+ gadget (see this MSN coverage). Even if they could buy it, how many will actually would call their oven or email their oven and tell it to cook? I do have to say its a great concept and honestly if I was a millionaire who could afford to buy cool gadgets, I wouldn’t mind getting one of these. Heck, if I owned a house here in LA, it would be something I would consider putting in my kitchen. It would be interesting to see what happens in next few years when gadgets like these might become normal appliances you get for your high end kitchen. Just like how everybody loves to get stainless steel appliances right now for their kitchen.

Looking back few years, I remember the time when x10 was being discovered by me. I was so excited and thought when I have money and energy to spend on it, I would automate everything. Years came and left and I still haven’t automated anything. I personally don’t think the concept ever went mainstream and we only see automated house here and there. On that note, lets see 5 years down the road and see if I have this cool gadget sitting at home and maybe I would be writing email to it with instructions on cooking a turkey or something for thanksgiving dinner while I am at work. Or maybe I would call the oven to cook instead of my wife which I am sure would make my wife much happier 🙂