Samba: How do you install and set up Samba in linux? [Redhat Enterprise(RHEL), CentOS, Fedora]

Setting up Samba “can” be complicated at times. Especially if you are looking for instructions online where there are WAY too many tutorials which go in to details about what configuration does what, etc. Well, this post is nothing like that. Here I just show you quick and easy way to install Samba, configure it, and set up the drive letter on your XP/Vista. NOTE: for using Samba with Vista, please see my previous post in which I talk about changing settings in Vista so you can connect to your Samba share: Windows Vista Installation

NOTE: This set up is very “open” and should not be used on servers which are facing the world. This is for private network where you trust all the computers and its users.

Installing Samba (using yum on CentOS and Fedora): yum install samba
Installing Samba (using rpm):

  1. Obtain Samba rpm from
  2. rpm -ivh samba*.rpm

Configuring Samba:
cd /etc/samba
mv smb.conf smb.conf.backup
vi smb.conf

Paste content below in to your vi:

workgroup = wrkgrp
netbios name = smbserver
security = SHARE
load printers = No
default service = global
path = /home
available = No
encrypt passwords = yes
writeable = yes
admin users = smbuser
path = /home/share
force user = root
valid users = smbuser
public = yes
available = yes

save and exit

adduser smbuser #add unix account
passwd smbuser #set unix account password
smbpasswd -a smbuser #lets create same user account on samba
<put same password as your unix account password>
/etc/init.d/smb restart

Now let us setup drive letter on our Windows so we can easily access these files.

Start -> run -> cmd <enter>

At the prompt type: net use z: \\ip_of_your_samba_server\share /user: smbuser password_you_assigned

That is it! At this point you have successfully set up Samba under Linux and are now successfully connected to your share from your Windows machine.

78 thoughts on “Samba: How do you install and set up Samba in linux? [Redhat Enterprise(RHEL), CentOS, Fedora]

  1. Tyler

    Great instructions!
    I’m having password issues even after resetting passwd and smbpasswd multiple times, any ideas? iptables set to allow…

  2. CrazyToon Post author

    Can you:
    tail /var/log/messages
    and see what errors you are getting. Are you using windows XP? or vista? how are you mapping the drive? via explorer or cmd prompt?

  3. manit

    make sure the directory you are sharing exists /home/share and set with the proper security settings.

    great instructions!

  4. Sunny Walia Post author

    Robert, of course it is bad to force root but as i said in the post: NOTE: This set up is very “open” and should not be used on servers which are facing the world. This is for private network where you trust all the computers and its users.

    This is for people to get samba setup and working and take it from there.

  5. jp

    I have followed above smb.conf and i restarted the smb server after that i tried to access from win xp machine. I opened my network places it shows Wrkgrb i.e name of the work group we mentioned in the smb.conf file It shows error message like “wrkgrp is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this resource……………The device not connected.

    I tried in the explorer typing \\ipaddress of linux box . it tells windows can not find.

    As mentioned in the via cmd it says

    C:\Documents and Settings\smbuser>net use z:\\\share /user:smbuser
    System error 67 has occurred.

    The network name cannot be found.

    I tried so mamy times but failed.

    Please find out my mistake

  6. Jon

    I’ve following the above instructions, except the net use; to check if the share exists I used \\, to see if there are any shares however, from my WinXP maching I’m getting an error:
    Network path not found.

    The same IP address is returning a ping reply. Any ideas?

  7. Paul B.

    Yes, it looks curious to start with, but we are not *editing* the config file, but writing a whole *new* one with only the skeleton commands!

    KISS philosophy.

    I’m presently having problems getting SMB to work on Fedora 9. It’s running, share mode, null passwords, suitable workgroup, but just can’t be seen in N. Neighbourhood.

  8. Brandon

    I had a ton of issues connecting… “wrkgrp is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this resource…The device not connected.

    My fix was actually disabling the SELinux in the firewall.

    system-config-securitylevel-tui (Opens the firewall)
    – Disabled
    – SELinux – disabled

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  10. Muc


    I’m having a problem with this tutorial, I configured the samba server and it seems to be working, but when I try to access it from a WinXP I get a logon failure: unknon user name o bad password. I’m trying to enter as smbuser.
    It gets better :). I’m using a VM running RHEL 5 on a WinXP host and I’m trying to access a particular directory from the physical machine to the VM… any ideas? Thanks!
    P.S.: The other way around is working just fine. I believe it must be a pwd problem, but I just can’t figure it out…

  11. mehnaz

    i have followed the instructions up to /etc/init.d/smb restart, at this point i am getting error no such file or directory. i have checked init.d but am not able fo find any thing related to samba there lika smb or samba,,i have no idea what should i do as a am totally newbie in linux:(

  12. jessem

    I keep getting the error:

    system error 64 has occured.

    The specified name is no longer available.

    is this a netbios issue with vista?

  13. J.P.

    For people getting persistent password errors please be sure that you are using the net use command correctly. If it prompts you for the username then windows will submit it incorrectly.

  14. Raxxal

    The net use command is not working for me, I am using Windows 7. However, I was able to map the share folder using Mycomputer, right click on it, etc.

  15. Shirish.linux


    try this!!

    1>ensure u had insatlled all 3 samba rpm , better do everything installation
    2>off firewall in linux
    3>off firewall in windows … for who who don’t know deny allow etc..
    4>configure /etc/samba/smb.conf
    5>touch smbpasswd .. in same pwd
    6>addsamab user it’ nessary to have a valid linux user
    7>smbpasswd -a username
    8>be ensure to add password path in smb.conf file
    smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd
    encrypt passwords = yes
    9>use testparm … to know morew about smb.conf values
    10>start below services
    service smb restart
    for safty purpose start network servic to
    services network start

    11>In windows do below
    a>in firewall setting –>advanced tab–> select lan connection and enable file share option to clicked … check now

    ensure ur ipaddress in same class and netmaked and workgroup
    is to be same
    in windows-my computer–>property–>computer name –>change–>computer name and workgroup

    do –>run->cmd
    net view
    …will she shares u will see all shares if u done above correctly u are lucky to have ur linux shared folder name with detail
    my network palce–> \\linuxworkgroup <–

    have a fun!!
    doubt mail me or print here ur query!!

  16. sandy

    if I am using a domain can I use the domain name as workgroup. I have not build one yet I am planning to host a linux DNA, DHCP apache and email server with xp , windows 7 and vista each. will the instruction above work in the setting.

  17. Neil

    Just one small issue. I have just downloaded Samba 3.5.4. It is taking hours to install. Seriously, it is quicker to re-install Fedora or Red Hat.

    [ Oh, by the way, the phrase is “worked like a charm” not a “champ” ]

  18. Bobby

    I can see the share from my Windows machine but when I go to open it I am asked for a password and it does not authenticate. Any suggestions?

  19. 1337ingDisorder

    Following the above guide produces an error when I try to connect.

    Connecting from a Windows desktop I get the error:

    “No network provider accepted the given network path.”

    When I try smbclient -L -U from the samba server machine, it successfully lists the available samba shares.

    however when I try smbclient ///share -U it then gives me this error:

    “tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME”

    What am I doing wrong?

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  23. ben

    awesome post, had it setup so quickly its good to get stuff that works right off the bat and no scrambling around.

    great stuff.

  24. krishnakumar

    Friends i need to share some of the folders of Redhat linux5.3 through SAMBA to windows machines ,Istruck up with a situation that SAMBA shared folders are visible in windows xp machine but i am unable to open the folder with samba user name and password, please help

  25. yubaraj

    “A network provider cannot given to network path please contact administrator ”
    what does it mean

  26. Pako

    [[email protected] ~]# cd /etc/samba
    [[email protected] samba]# ls
    lmhosts passdb.tdb secrets.tdb smb.conf
    [[email protected] samba]# mv smb.conf smb.conf.$$
    [[email protected] samba]# ls
    lmhosts passdb.tdb secrets.tdb smb.conf.5941
    [[email protected] samba]#
    [[email protected] samba]#
    [[email protected] samba]# vi smb.conf
    [[email protected] samba]#
    [[email protected] samba]# adduser smbuser
    [[email protected] samba]# passwd smbuser
    Changing password for user smbuser.
    New UNIX password:
    BAD PASSWORD: it is based on a dictionary word
    Retype new UNIX password:
    passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.
    [[email protected] samba]#
    [[email protected] samba]# smbpasswd -a smbuser
    New SMB password:
    Retype new SMB password:
    startsmbfilepwent_internal: file /etc/samba/smbpasswd did not exist. File successfully created.
    Added user smbuser.
    [[email protected] samba]# /etc/init.d/smb restart
    bash: /etc/init.d/smb: No such file or directory
    [[email protected] samba]#

  27. Pako

    Please help with this error: bash: /etc/init.d/smb: No such file or directory

    I followed your instructions

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