Playstation 3 hardware used to find cure for diseases.

The news of Sony pushing for use of its Playstation 3 hardware was no surprise to me. There has been many talks about using Playstation 3’s power to do things in medical world but this is more of a official news. All of us who know what Playstation 3 is about know that it is more powerful than any standard PC’s we may possess yet its a gaming console. Not anymore! Sony has come out and said that it will allow Playstation 3 owners to join the network of owners to help finding cure of diseases.

That puts a whole new spin on [email protected] We are no longer joining a network of processing power to find life in the universe, instead we are joining into save lives around us. Once you join the network, you can either let it run when it idles or you can actually watch it process proteins! Which I think would be real amusing to watch. We will just have to wait and see how that looks and works once its released end of this month. A friend of mine, Kyle Sutton, wrote this article which talks in more detail about this:

I am glad to see that Sony is using Playstation 3 to actually do some good while most developers get their act together and create games which can use all the power this awesome, but expensive, gaming console has in its great looking black casing.

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