Windows Vista Ultimate installation (update 2)

Now since I reinstalled Vista 32bit version and its up and running, lets go through what works what don’t.

  1. Daemon Tools (check)
  2. Microsoft Office (check)
  3. Trillian (check)
  4. VMWare Server (CHECK!)
  5. Diskeeper 10 (Nope, apparently I have to go download an update for Vista, postponed)

Ok now the fun part starts. How to get everything working the way I want to.

I need to start my Fedora virtual machine so I can get some development/testing done. And a wall I hit. It says that I don’t have permissions to open the file. I am logged in as a user which belongs to Administrators group. So why do I not have permission? Well let me copy it to desktop and see if that works. Voila! it does! Ok.. I will let this one go since I have already wasted my whole weekend getting Vista going.

OK.. so lets change my hosts file so I can point some domain names to my virtual machine. As always, I open it, make the change, and hit save. BOING! Permission denied! ok.. so apparently I lack lots of permissions to do things. Of course its good for me! uh.. NOT! It might be good for some normal user but its not good for power users like myself. So to my dear friend google I go. ahha! I can edit it by running notepad as Administrator and opening the file from within. Ok.. no problem. Done.

oh.. I need to map my Samba drive so I can access my files directly on my virtual machine. so I type my usually net use command and no go. Looked in the logs and found:

Feb 04 10:34:13 localhost smbd[3454]: [2007/02/04 10:34:13, 0] smbd/password.c:authorise_login(795)
Feb 04 10:34:13 localhost smbd[3454]: authorise_login: rejected invalid user nobody

sigh.. ok now what?! I look up that error on google and got bunch of run arounds. It has to be something to do with how Vista accesses network drive. So I typed gpedit.msc and started looking at security options. I tried one of the options and it seem to work. But it just seemed like it wouldn’t be wise to downgrade security. So I specifically started looking at google results for that particular item related to samba. Sure enough that was the solution few of the results I found said I should use.

Start --> run --> gpedit.msc --> Computer Configuration --> Windows Settings --> Security Settings --> Local Policies --> Security Options --> "Network security: LAN Manager authentication level" --> choose "Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated" from drop down

Great! 3 days later I have everything working as they should.. or atleast as much as they could. I was once again happy and glad that I don’t have to go thru this for few years until they release another great, overrated, overpriced – operating system.

oh.. before I stop this, don’t delete your user account if you want to use administrator account. By default, administrator account is disabled (for security reasons ofcourse). I am sure using an administrator account as your primary account is full of security risks so be smart about making decision either way 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Windows Vista Ultimate installation (update 2)

  1. Joseph

    Do you want another bug in Vista that not a single person at M$ seems to know about? Here you go:

    At our office, we have somewhat of a mesh of VPN networks. We have various sites that are connected to one another and our office is sort of the poor brother who doesn’t get the cool toys, so I have to do VPN using RRAS on a Windows 2003 server which is NOT my default gateway for my office computers… So far so good.

    In order for me to get around the routing issue, I could either use static routing on all office computers or putting the static routes on the firewall. The latter is out of question because… it just fails.

    So let’s go to option one. Now I am not about to manually do static routes on all computers using batch file and login script. That’s old school. It’s 2007, so let’s get up to speed here. I decided to use the very unpopular Windows DHCP server option called Static Routes (029 I believe). Hardly anyone uses it and I came across it by pure coincident. So I did and Viola! All my workstations are gain those static routes with their DHCP IP address. Pretty sweet….

    Now try putting a Vista computer on this LAN and set it up as DHCP client. Tell me if you can obtain an IP address. I pulled my hair for a whole week trying to figure out what the heck is wrong. Only when it dawned on me, while I was on the John, that I have this feature that perhaps could be causing it. I ran to the DHCP server, don’t worry I washed my hands, and disabled it and tried obtaining an IP address.. Viola!

    Look it up and you will not find a single post on this. I seem to be the only one in the world using this DHCP option, at least who’s tried Vista.


  2. Pontus MÃ¥rtenson

    I just encountered the same problem as Joseph. If I had other installation media right now I wouldn’t be typing this but would be entering installation details atm.

    The lack of error-messages is utterly annoying.

  3. CrazyToon Post author

    Yeah… I got tired of so many things that I have decided to go back to XP until Microsoft gets Vista more stable and get more vendors to release appropriate upgrades. For example, it would be nice to see VMware release Windows Vista version so it does take days to start Virtual Machines. I will be blogging about all my problems in conclusion blog in next few days.

  4. Momo

    It’s such a hell to install… Hangs on “Completing Installation…” Those 3 elipsis just wont go away. *sigh* I’d stick to dependable XP for the time being.

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